Executive coaching

How I can help the professional executive

Leadership skills and the ability to work within a team are two areas I address. Relationships formed in the work environment can be long-term and critical to your career path, so the ability to nurture them and resolve conflicts is all-important.

Without building emotional intelligence, your strengths are incomplete. Top executives use their emotions as they would any business tool – I can help you develop your ‘EI’ and your ability to respond well to any situation under pressure.

Together, we’ll make a plan and assess whether you need to learn new skills, improve performance, work better in a team or prepare the ground for a future promotion.

Information on the sign-up procedure and the way forward.


The benefit to the executive

Improve your career prospects by developing emotional intelligence and enhancing management competencies

Develop your decision-making skills for better management results

Smooth your path by working on certain aspects of your personality

Get the most out of your team by knowing “what buttons to press”

Get the most out of your line manager by knowing “what buttons to press”


Executive coaching
Carole-Deighton-business coach London

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