The CEO or Senior Executive

Keeping on top with professional support

Life at the top can be tough as well as isolated, and in your position it’s not always possible to talk to colleagues about issues that concern you.

As a coach and mentor, I can offer you support and give you positive feedback. After many years’ experience in the corporate environment, I can bring focus, direction and clarity to your approach.

Being an impartial professional, I can help you to deal with challenges like the impact of change (expansion or downsizing, for example) and tackle any blocks or skills gaps that may hold you back.

Perhaps you need a creative ‘brainstorming’ to give you a channel for your ideas outside the work environment? I have helped a number of organisations at the top level so contact me if you want to sharpen your analytical abilities, get more from your senior people – and generally increase your emotional intelligence in the workplace.

We’ll meet and establish the rapport that’s key to a successful coaching relationship so that I can devise a programme to meet your needs.

Addressing the issues

My coaching programmes for senior management have covered:

Next steps

Corporate testimonials.

The benefit to the CEO or director

Improve your ability to analyse and predict the behaviour of others

Improve your decision-making skills

Sound out your ideas outside the corporate environment

Get the most out of your senior team and partners

Help for the CEO
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