What my personal clients say…

“I had recently retired from full time work and was keen to set up something part time in personal finance on a consultancy basis. Carole helped me to identify my strengths and aspects of my working experience that I could draw on to help a potential client. She suggested the structure and together we put together a checklist to clarify my brief. Carole was supportive and determined to help me make the best of my skills – I felt clear and confident about what I could offer.”

“Thanks to Carole's guidance I have new focus and direction in both my career and personal life. She gave me the tools to assess my current position, figure out what I want to achieve and put a plan in place to get there. She has helped me understand and accept myself. I am more confident, more assertive and much happier.”

“Carole is very direct and practical. I found that she asked all the right questions to get me really thinking about what I wanted from both my life and my job. We quickly agreed a workable plan and she helped me stick to it. It changed my outlook for the better and gave me confidence to take an important promotion.”

“I had always wanted to be my own boss but lacked the confidence to get started. Carole’s coaching programme helped me work out a plan and gave me the kick-start I needed to take action. I am now well on the way to launching my new business.”

 “I graduated and went straight into a city job. It’s well paid but boring and I became very depressed that I had made a major mistake in my career. Carole helped me look at things with a new perspective, get the most out of where I am now but plan for a change to something I’m passionate about in a year’s time.”

“I’m a freelancer whose work had completely dried up. I felt hopelessly stuck and it was affecting my marriage. A friend put me on to coaching and luckily I found Carole as I had some doubts about the whole process. She was practical and understanding but also she knew just when to be tough! She knows how to get you to recognise your good and bad points and focus on what you do best. I soon started to really promote myself, something I’ve always hated doing, and I’m now as busy as can be…”.

“I’d lost focus on my career and wasn’t going after the assignments. I also let my appearance go and put on a lot of weight. My husband was tolerating the situation but I was taking it all out on him. Carole changed all that for me. She got me into a health regime that I could stick to and we worked on building my CV and targeting a list of publications to go for. I now have a lot more work and am chasing some ambitious projects. I’m looking better and keeping the weight off too.”

“I knew I wasn’t getting what I wanted from work and it was partly because I can’t cope with any conflict situations and hate standing up for myself. Carole helped me value myself more and also understand my comfort zone and she got me to move out of it to achieve what I wanted. Soon I was able to negotiate a better deal and work in the way I wanted. It’s a win-win situation as they seem to respect me much more at work and I’m much happier.”

“! was at a crossroads in my career and felt unsure about which way to go, along with uncertainty about other areas of my life. Carole helped me see a way through the muddle in my mind and most importantly helped me identify my skills and interests so that I could focus my efforts on a realistic career plan which I found, for the first time in a long time, exciting and inspiring.”

Personal testimonials
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