What my corporate clients say

“Our business had just started to take off and we needed to prepare an impressive business plan in a hurry. Carole helped us keep focus and develop our ideas. She asked the right questions and it was highly challenging. Our sessions with her enabled us to grow in confidence and not sell ourselves short. “

“Key members of my team were not working well together, in spite of my efforts to address their issues. With no time for change (we were about to launch a new strategy) I invited Carole to work with the whole team and individual members to improve their overall performance.

“She was sensitive to the need to complete the project on time to a very high standard. Some team members required much more individual support from her than others, and in the project review all stated that her approach was highly professional and effective.”

“I needed to restructure my company but didn’t know how best to talk to my staff. I find running meetings with the right level of authority difficult and Carole coached me on various confidence issues I hadn’t wanted to look at before. By developing strategies to combat my nervousness and making sure I did enough advance planning, I feel much more comfortable calling meetings and keeping to an agenda that works for me and the company.”

“I had been running a successful interior design business but wanted to take it to the next level. This meant taking on new premises, additional staff and I found that I just wasn’t getting around to making it happen.

“With Carole’s help I developed a marketing plan and broke it down into doable steps within a realistic timeframe. I agreed to send her a weekly update on my progress, which I found so helpful in keeping me on track and motivated. Carole helped me visualise what I wanted from my business and then go for it!”

“I have found Carole’s coaching has helped me focus on clear goals and create effective plans to achieve them. Through her insightful questions and sometimes challenging approach I’ve been able to see problems in perspective and find solutions. Carole is also helping me fulfil my business ambitions by increasing my self belief and confidence”.

Corporate testimonials
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